Saturday, May 10, 2008


Maybe I should just stop trying to host a blog at all.

First, today, I was blocked from this blog (and other blogs) because allegedly there was an automated searcher bot from my computer or network. Access was restored shortly afterwards.

I decided to start another blog somewhere else as backup. I had three to four posts there, and guess what? When I got home from work, I can't login, saying I don't have sufficient authorization to access it and it says that my blog doesn't exist.

Is keeping a blog worth it?

Opinions, please.


rhapsody said...

Hi LR,

You can't go by me. I've had a blog for a few years now, and I only have a couple of regulars - I have a few of those meters (they're free) & they show I only average about three hits a day...

However, I don't post everyday anymore, and I never really posted my opinion on controversial or current matters. I really only have it at this point in case someone happens by and finds one of my links interesting. I'd say it depends on what you want your blog to be.

Visit some of the blogs on my site - the apologetics site, PhatCatholic Apologetics, then there's The Daily Eudemon, Abbey-Roads, Pro Ecclesia, The Dawn Patrol, The Curt Jester - they are all well-read blogs that might give you some idea of what you'd like to do.

Hope that helps:)

Pier (rhapsody)

LRThunder said...

It's not the lack of comments, it's the trying to get to my blogs yesterday that was the problem. For a while, I couldn't get onto this blog. And now I can't get onto my other blog at stblogs.

Christine said...

HMMM! Maybe it's your computer. Try clearing your cache>

LRThunder said...

Maybe. I'll give it a couple days. is undergoing some development, so I'll try to ask for help there when I can.

lak611 said...

Have you updated your anti-virus and firewall lately? Maybe that would help.

LRThunder said...


That was possibly the problem when I couldn't access this blog (or any blogspot blogs), but it doesn't seem to be the problem with the other site.

Oh, well.

Anonymous said...

Every once in a while, Blogger does maintenance and we don't have access for a while...

Even though that might not have been the problem this time, thought you'd like to know.

Not signed in,

LRThunder said...