Sunday, June 8, 2008

Latin Mass

I just got back from the Mass. Here are my impressions:

1). Kneeling, kneeling, and when you get tired of kneeling, some more kneeling. There's a lot more kneeling in the Extraordinary Form than in the Ordinary Form. Since I wasn't used to that much kneeling, my knees began to get a little sore.

2) It was a Low Mass, so there was no music. No Haugen or Haas. ;)

3) I liked the reverence. The priest and the altar servers were very reverent. The altar servers had more to do in this Mass than they usually have to do in the Ordinary Form.

4) I was actually able to follow what was going on. I had a 1962 Missal with me, so I was able to follow on. The only thing was that it didn't indicate when to stand, sit, or kneel like the missalettes the others who attended this Mass had.

5) There were more people there than I expected. This is a good sign for future celebrations of the Mass in the Extraordinary Form.

Overall, I enjoyed it. I would like to attend a High Mass or a Solemn High Mass if given the opportunity.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Why, why, why???

This Saturday the co-cathedral will be host to an ordination as Bishop Ricard ordains a new priest. I had requested a closing shift at work so I could attend.

But of course, the managers at work just had to schedule a 2-2.5 hour meeting that morning, which means I won't be able to attend the ordination. Grrr...

Well, at least I should be able to attend the Latin Mass we're having the following day. Assuming, that my request for a closing shift that day is granted...