Thursday, January 14, 2010

Obama faith council debates religious icons

Obama Faith Council debates religious icons

During the Presidential Election of 2008, there was a great debate regarding Obama and McCain. Some claimed there wasn't any difference between McCain and Obama. Actually, there is a great difference. First, their respective stance on abortion. While McCain may not have been effective in ending or restricting abortion, Obama actually does all he can to push abortion on the U.S. I'm actually surprised he hasn't tried to make it mandatory ala China.

But this is a 2nd major difference. Does anybody believe John McCain would've considered this? I doubt it. But it shows the flaw of the federal funding of anything. By accepting federal funds, it opens the door to the government telling an organization what they can or cannot do. And for the most part, the government "requests" tend to be reasonable. But for every few reasonable conditions, there are some unreasonable conditions mixed in. We are now seeing the consequence of Bush's federal funding of religious charities. Sure, there were others who opposed the federal funding, but not for this reason I suspect.

Advice to churches and other religious institution: do not accept federal funding. It's better that one has to rely on the private donations of people and be able to fulfill its mission, than to receive federal funding and be restricted on what it can do.

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