Saturday, January 17, 2009

3 days

Three days until President Barack Obama is inaugurated as our next President.

Now, what I'm about to say may seem unpopular, but I think it's necessary. As Americans and Catholics, it is our duty to support our new President by showing respect for the office. That's not to say we can't disagree or oppose what he stands for. For example, I find his positions on abortion and taxes to be abhorrent. But on January 20, he will be my President and the President for all Americans.

Some may say, "liberals didn't give Bush a chance, so it's payback time." But is that really the attitude Jesus would have us show? Eye for eye, tooth for tooth? In Romans, St. Paul tells us to submit to government authority (Romans 13:1) and that unless laws are instituted that prohibits the exercise of our faith and the following of God's laws, we are to, within the best of our abilities, obey them. Obviously, we cannot support abortion, but laws that do not conflict with God's commands are to be obeyed.

I will continue to express opposition to abortion and any law that may be passed under Obama (as well as future Presidents) that conflict with the faith, but I will also show respect for our new President. Let us also pray for him, that he may make the right choices as our President.

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