Monday, January 5, 2009

Speaking of extraordinary

I am often amazed at how the word "extraordinary" can be applied in different ways.

Two examples: Extraordinary Form of the Mass, and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.

On the one hand, at least in my diocese, the Extraordinary Form of the Mass is truly extraordinary given that it is only regularly celebrated at one parish, and in the future, maybe two.

On the other hand, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are a commonplace. There is a reason why they have the title Extraordinary...meaning they should only be used in certain circumstances (like not enough priests and deacons to distribute communion).

When I visited Washington D.C. this past summer, I went to Mass at a parish in Woodbridge. Assuming that was how they did things regularly regarding communion, then that was the best way. When it came time to distribute communion, they still had some Extraordinary Ministers, but they also had the other priests and the deacon help out.

Still, interesting to see the different ways in which the word "extraordinary" is applied.

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