Monday, January 5, 2009

California court rules on Episcopal parish dispute

California court sides with Episcopals over property

This conflicts with an earlier Virginia court ruling which sided with the parishes in that case.

A couple of observations:

1) The court seems to be getting involved with Episcopalian church law and trying to apply secular law to it. Hopefully, this isn't an omen regarding any future lawsuits involving gay marriage or "women ordination." Then again, this is California we're talking about.

2) Goes to show what happens when any members of the church depart from doctrine and dogma. In this country, at least right now, we don't have to worry about being hauled off to jail for following Christ or going to Mass. So, a second and more insidious tactic is being used against Christianity in this country: heresy, apostasy. Yes, that's what the ordination of openly unrepentant homosexuals involves: heresy and apostasy.

Granted, we're all sinners, and that's why there's the Sacrament of Confession. But this goes beyond that: the Episcopalian bishop in question has no intentions of repenting of his sinful lifestyle. It's one thing to try to turn away from sin, and fail, and quite another to refuse to turn away.

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